Grooming the body

Dog Grooming

We groom non shedding breeds as the shedding hair gets flying throughout the whole house while blow drying the coat. Breeds like the Shih Tzu, Bichon, Yorkies, Maltese, Havanese, Schnauzer, to name a few, are good to groom at home. Big doodles, any size poodles, any poodle crosses, Bouviers, Old English Sheepdogs are good as well. However, shedding dogs can be bathe inside and be groomed outside on a good comfortable day. A heated garage could also be an option. If you wonder about your dog, contact me, I’d be happy to answer your questions. I usually start with a nice bath in the tub with a natural shampoo and conditioner using my bathing system, followed by hair drying, clipping, scissoring, nail trimming and application of a bandanna and/or bows for the ladies. Your dog will always be handled with patience, love and respect.

Rates are hard to discuss without seeing your pet, state and length of hair. In average, full groom of small breeds are $55-$60 going up from there with large dogs being around $100.

Grooming the Mind, Body and Soul


As much as we like our pets to smell good and look nice and tidy, it is not in their nature to go to the doggy spa as we know it. It often is a stressful and meaningless experience to them. They feel great and are happy at the end of the groom, but it is not natural to them. A lot in our pets life is not natural. They can’t bark (it annoys the neighbour), can’t chew(it destroys property), can’t run(they have to stay on a leash), and by law, some breeds are ordered to be muzzled in public. All of which goes against their true canine nature. Dogs live in packs but are often home alone all day and live without the friendship of their pack. They can’t be all they were meant to be and might need our help to realign their spirits energy flow, “their reiki”. Our pets often suffer stress and anxiety and we are not quite sure of the source. Reiki treatments help them to reactivate their inner self through its healing process. Distance reiki can be performed prior to grooming, or can be performed on site, prior and during grooming.

Rates: $30 in addition to regular grooming fee

Grooming the Mind and Soul, Spa for the Soul!!

Introducing: Animal Reiki for any species

Allow your pet to rest in a deep state of relaxation
Everything created has energy. We have energy, and animals have energy. Any good pet owner can see their best friends soul through their eyes. Sometimes we see pain, sadness, excitement, happiness, or sickness in their eyes. We know our pet is not all 100% well because their energy is “off” at times.

Reiki – which means Spiritual energy – is an complementary approach to improve on that healthy state of being. The practitioner is a channel, an open window to realigning, reviving that beautiful animal that has been disturbed through physical or emotional trauma like abuse, neglect, loss of an owner, loss of a pack member, re-homing, moving, illness, surgery, injury, or aging to name a few stressors in their lives. Reiki brings peace to the soul, lessen anxiety, fast track illness recovery or allow for a peaceful passing. The sky is the limit to what Reiki can do for your animal of any specie.

Rates: $50 in your home, 45-60 minute session
$45 distance Reiki, 45 minute session
$30 distance Reiki, 30 minute session

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