My story

Pets have been a lifelong passion for me. The day I got my little Havanese, Molly, was the turning point in my life. All this hair, the grooming, grooming tools, table, dryers, shampoos, etc, led me on this road where there was no looking back. There was a second career based on passion. So I started my studies and practice of professional dog grooming.

The more I worked with animals, the more I discovered that these beautiful creatures were inhabited by something deep, beautiful and, oh so sensitive: The Soul. I came to understand that grooming is one thing, but handling the dog while grooming was a more complex, deep and healing experience. This discovery led me to desire to connect, and share the energy space of this little being on my grooming table.

Reiki became the path to where the animal and I could join, connect and feel this deep peaceful connection. It truly is a mystical experience. This took my grooming to another level of consciousness. It is about the animal giving permission to be handled through every step of the grooming process. Grooming can be a stressful experience for some dogs. I have to honour the difficulty, making them recognize I am not there to hurt, but to love, help and respect them. Pets appreciate being respected and will often find it in their heart to help.

Meet Buford

Buford is my dearest friend. I owe him my discovery to the world of Spiritual Energy (Reiki), Animal Communication and finally Animal Reiki. Unfortunately, Buford has since passed but we remain closely connected. I am proud to feature a beautiful Sheepdog on the grooming table of my logo in his honour.



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