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Welcome to Mystical Squeaky Paws

It is with great pleasure that we come to your home for a wonderful session of in home dog grooming. Some dogs don't take well to travelling, the busy spa environment setting might scare them or yourself might not be able to travel. Mystical Squeaky Paws will come to you.

Why Mystical

We are now introducing Reiki for your animal for grooming of the mind and soul. Any breed or animal specie can greatly benefit from it. Read on to discover more.

Grooming Mind, Body and Soul

Professional Dog Grooming

Sometimes, travelling for grooming is not an option for your dog or the grooming salon setting stresses your pet too much. That is where we come in handy. We come to your home to groom your best friend. Nothing like being home. We bring all grooming equipment for full set up including a shop vac for hair removal.

Animal Reiki

Life can be challenging for any of us, including our beloved pets. Reiki “rebalances” the flow of energy acquired from birth, making the animal what it was meant to be: happier, emotionally more stable and healthier. We all know the correlation between stress and illness.

Distance Reiki

Reiki means Spiritual Energy. It has no location, it just IS within us, within all creation. Healing takes place through spiritual connection, stimulating and “rebalancing” our KI .


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In Home Grooming London Ontario